The David Seguin Memorial Award for Accessibility in the Arts

The Seguin family is proud to sponsor the David Seguin Memorial Award for accessibility in the Arts, a $1,000 prize that celebrates the work of artists with disabilities.

 This award is given to a Toronto Fringe Festival production that features the work of an artist or artists with a disability.

*Please see the Toronto Fringe Festival’s Accessible Lottery description for our specific definitions of disability*


To be eligible for the DSMA, a production must be part of the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival and feature the work of an artist with a disability.

2019 Productions

Above & Beyond
Destiny, USA
Friendly Fire: The Art and Execution of Friendship
Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior
Personal Demon Hunter
Red Knows: A Play on Words
The ADHD Project
Who You Callin Black Eh?
Young and the Limbless


A representative attends identified productions and considers them based on the following criteria: artistic excellence, representation of artists with disabilities in the cast or creative team, and subject matter addressing the disabled experience. The DSMA will be announced at the Toronto Fringe Festival’s awards ceremony on July 12.

Statement from the Seguin Family

“We want this award to celebrate accessibility in the performing arts because we believe that everyone should have the chance to follow their passion. 

David was a life-long supporter of the arts and especially live performance. He faced challenges in his life as a result of his Down’s Syndrome, but was passionate about music, dance and theatre both as a patron and a performer. His love of the arts brought joy to everyone in his life and we can think of no better way to honour his memory than giving more people the opportunity to share their own creativity. 

The David Seguin Memorial Award for Accessibility in the Arts is a celebration of ability in all of its forms. Through encouragement and reward, we hope that more companies and artists will engage with issues of accessibility, and in so doing create a more inclusive world.”