The David Seguin Memorial Award promotes accessibility in the arts by providing support to artists with disabilities.

DMSA Special Initiative in Response to COVID-19

With the cancellation of this summer’s Toronto Fringe Festival, the David Seguin Memorial Award for Accessibility in the Arts will not be awarded as usual this year. Instead, the Seguin family has decided to use 2020’s award to provide immediate support to artists with disabilities. 

The family will be awarding $100 micro grants to artists with disabilities in order to help them cover basic living expenses, such as rent and groceries. Artists with disabilities have been hit hard by the pandemic as not only are they facing the hardships created by an industry-wide shutdown, but they have also seen a reduction in support and an increase in costs as a result of the physical distancing measures that have been implemented to contain the virus. 

Apply for Support

  1. Email admin@seguinaward.ca
  2. Identify yourself as a Canadian artist with a disability
  3. Indicate an email address where we can send an etransfer

Support Artists

The Seguin family is contributing $1,000 to start, which is enough for 10 artists, but many more need help.If you are able to make a donation, please contribute to our GoFundMe Campaign. No amount is too small to make a big difference!